March 6-8, 2020

Sharing The Torch of Recovery



ALL Speakers are available for viewing and download for free on the NA Super Speaker Fest YouTube channel.


Our message is freely given because it was freely given to us.

It is our hope that this post submitted by a member from the country of Oman will explain how this event will carry the message to many in need.

” Hi. I’m an addict named Kevin and I’ve been a witness to this event since they started planning it some months ago. Until now I’ve remained silent, unsure how I could contribute but hopeful I can play my part. I live in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language and when I moved here for work 10 yrs. ago there was no NA even though the world web listed 3 meetings. Seems NA had died out some yrs. B4 my arrival but very old meetings were still listed as active. Together with one local guy I restarted the NA meetings and in the past decade our fellowship has grown to 100+ members all with various lengths of clean time. There is no one, however with clean time or recovery experience that equals my own. I recently celebrated 21 yrs. clean, one day at a time. I have always only been an active member of NA and no other fellowship. I struggle with issues familiar to  members with substantial clean time such as medical conditions from an aging body, caring for aging parents and their eventual deaths (Dad 3 yrs. ago, Mum any day now) and I find that I have no one to share with in person or whose experience I can learn from throughout this small country (next closest clean time is 9 years but only handful of those most are five/six yrs. or less). People have limited experience with step work, sponsorship, service as well as relatively young amts of clean time. I’m not saying lengthy clean time is in any way more important I’m just saying a young fellowship leaves me without people whose experience I desperately need. I had to search for veteran NA members online and in the occasional meetings I attend outside of the country I live in. A venue like this will bring together in one place a wealth of knowledge I desperately need so I support this effort with all my heart. I feel it is answer to my prayers and a result of my 11th step sharing with my sponsor Tony, one of the founding organizers. At this event I will find people who lived through the issues that arise when one is 20-30 yrs. clean. And not just one speakers’ perspective/experience, but dozens. So, this venue will hopefully fill a void/need that I certainly have and I feel many other recovering addicts in our global fellowship have. Please don’t be disheartened by naysayers or those who don’t see the value in what u r doing with these speakers. Instead please know there are countless silent numbers of those of us whose prayers will be answered by what u r doing. When I spoke at our 5th annual convention last night I shared the feeling of awe, gratitude and humility I feel when I see in one room more than 100 grateful recovering addicts where there was once ZERO. I think u will feel similarly when you have dozens of veteran NA members sharing in one spot where previously there had been none. Please keep nurturing this miracle idea you have birthed and are raising. I am waiting with outstretched arms to receive the torch of recovery u r bringing so that I might pass the light to others here who also desperately need the pathway illuminated that we may continue to find our way one day at a time. God bless u and guide u”Kevin L – Oman NA



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